Wednesday, July 4, 2012


                       Meredith Dake (right) and myself (center) at the GOPROUD/Andrew Breitbart Party at CPAC 2011

Meredith Dake, an editor at Breitbart.TV  has posted an essay over at Big Journalism remembering her time with Andrew Breitbart. Here is an excerpt.  
I first met Andrew Breitbart on UCLA campus. I was drafted to take part in a "sting" surrounding Howard Zinn's "Peoples' History of the United States." The History Channel was airing a cinematic version of Zinn's revisionist history later in the month and the producer and actors from the event toured campuses around the nation and ended their tour at UCLA. The idea was that a group of us would go in, sit separately in the auditorium, and it was possible my sister and I would be fed questions to ask during the Q&A section. That lasted a whole 10 minutes into the question and answer section of the presentation. Andrew just decided to go up to the mic himself and take on Josh Brolin and their revisionist ways. 
Andrew even caught up with the producer afterwards. He had a flip cam with him but couldn't figure out how to work it. The producer was kind enough to show Andrew how to start recording and Andrew and he sat in a corner of the the lobby for a jovial interview. Andrew came out to the circle of his friends and myself and was beaming from ear to ear. "He's like a teddy bear," Andrew said about the producer for the dark side. "He was really nice." 
In truth, I really had no idea who Andrew was. My sister, on the other hand, was star struck because she had followed Andrew since early in his career. Andrew seemed like a cool guy, but at that moment I had read maybe 5 posts on "Big Hollywood" and they were all about musical theatre. But Andrew seemed like a hilarious guy. He, of course, cast some type of aura that is hard to explain, but you just wanted to be around it. He had big ideas, a quick whit, and I never stopped smiling in his presence. I left the festivities thinking that I would love to hang out with him and his friends again and that maybe I should check out the rest of his website.
Meredith has written an illuminating account of her time interacting with Andrew Breitbart over the past few years.After you celebrate the 4th Of July its worth reading as you wind down and remember...


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Bill Whittle has a must watch "Firewall" on the Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling.