Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Bank of Kev blogger Andrew Ian Dodge has a new op-ed up in the Portland Press Herald about the new TSA screening rules.

As we enter some of the heaviest traveling days of the year, we ponder the disruption of the TSA's overreaching examinations. We will be concerned with the reports of children, standing in terror, being groped by TSA agents as their parents watch helplessly. We will be horrified at the indignity of one cancer survivor having to show her breast prosthesis to a guard. Anger will flow as they read that another cancer survivor found himself covered in urine thanks to an overzealous TSA search.
In addition, imagine the indignity of a woman whose breasts were exposed to smirking TSA agents. Or shall we mention the affront to a returning soldier, who has been fighting for our freedoms abroad, being subjected to such a procedure?
My personal experience on Monday included the full-body scan, an advanced patdown involving my private parts and some hard squeezing of my cancer scar.
I spoke with a cancer doctor concerned that an untrained examination of such wounds and scars could lead to internal bleeding and associated problems.

Go read the whole thing as someone you know will most likely be going the a TSA checkpoint later this month.

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