Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It appears the "Mystery Missle" was an optical illusion.

he United States Department of Defense Tuesday night issued a statement regarding the "mystery missile" seen off the coast of southern California that's been the subject of debate across the country.

The "mystery missile" is a vapor trail that crossed the skies off the Southern California coast and resembled a missile launch.

Expert Thinks "Mystery Missile" an Illusion

The Dept. of Defense statement from Col. Dave Lapan, the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, reads:

"While there is nothing at this time that leads the Department of Defense to believe this is a missile launch, the department and other U.S. government agencies with expertise in aviation and space continue to look into the condensation trail (CONTRAIL) seen and reported off the coast of southern California on Monday evening.

"All DoD entities with rocket and missile programs reported no launches, scheduled or inadvertent, during the time period in the area of the reported contrail. NORAD and USNORTHCOM confirmed that it did not monitor any foreign military missile launch off the California coast yesterday and has determined that there was no threat to the US homeland.

"In addition, the FAA ran radar replays from Monday afternoon of a large area west of Los Angeles. Those replays did not reveal any fast-moving, unidentified targets. The FAA also did not receive reports of any unusual sightings from pilots who were flying in the area Monday afternoon. 
Yesterday I posted an interesting analysis on why this was not a missile but most likely an airplane. I also added m personal experience watching missile launches at Vandenberg AFB over the years. When you watch the video the object is moving  very slowly where as a rocket would move at great speed.

There also has been  better quality video of the object and you can clearly see its an airplane.

Many have begun to point out that it most likely USAirways flight 808 from HNL-PHX.

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