Tuesday, November 23, 2010


North Korea has shelled Yeonpyeong Island in South Korea. This is the largest clash between the two sides since the cease fire was signed in the 1950's.

Here is video of the shelling.


BigPeace.com Editor-In-Chief Peter Schweizer who is one of the best authorities on this subject had this to say today. 

North Korea has shelled a remote island killing two South Korean marines and now there is talk of war breaking out on the Korean peninsula.  What is North Korea really up to?
Contrary to what some are saying, this is not likely the first volley in an attack.  By choosing to strike a remote island, Pyongyang destroyed any opportunity for surprise.  Had they wanted to attack the South, they would have hit valuable targets–even Seoul–and mobilized all of their ground forces.
The fact that the North Koreans have fired these shells days after announcing they have another nuclear reactor online indicates that their real objective here is to garner the attention of the West.  Unlike Iran,  which has worked with stealth to develop its nuclear weapons program,  the North Koreans have always loudly proclaimed their atomic advancements.  Why?  Unlike Iran,  which has oil to lubricate its economy,  North Korea has nothing.  It needs aid from the West or it risks economic collapse.  So it blusters and makes threats. Pyongyang sees its nuclear program as a way to gain leverage over the West.   The shelling of South Korea is more akin to a temper tantrum designed to get the attention of the West than a serious military move.
Peter has posted video of the shelling from KBS

BigPeace.com has posted numerous links on this.

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04 UN chief condemns North Korean attack
05 Flights continue in and out of Seoul airport

Lets not forget Drudge either.

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