Monday, December 13, 2010



Painfully cold, arctic air sweeping across the Midwest has already been driving temperatures well-below zero. Across much of Minnesota, western Wisconsin and the eastern Dakotas, lows were down to 10 to 20 degrees below zero this morning.
Today, the bitter cold is overspreading the rest of the eastern half of the country. While actual temperatures may not fall below zero early this week, horrendous winds will make it feel that way for millions.

This graphic shows projected RealFeel®
temperatures at 7 a.m. EST Tuesday with purple representing values below zero. RealFeel® temperatures, which provide a measure of how cold it feels with the wind factored in, have already dropped below zero as far south as Atlanta this morning. Early Tuesday and Wednesday morning, these values will be near zero all the way east into New York City and Philadelphia and stay in the single digits all day Tuesday.
In Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, people will have to endure RealFeel® temperatures that stay below zero for 36 to 48 hours straight. Frostbite and hypothermia can set in very quickly in such extreme cold.
Since many of these places have picked up snow from the blizzard this weekend, roads are in tough shape. Any travelers who end up being stranded could find themselves in a life-threatening situation if left too long in the brutal cold.
Farther south across the country, temperatures have dropped into the teens and even single digits this morning from Oklahoma to Tennessee and the eastern Great Lakes. Even northern portions of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia have dipped into the teens.
Yesterday while at a industry brunch I mentioned that when the East Coast is freezing it is usually warm on the west coast. Several at the brunch agreed with me.  

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