Wednesday, December 15, 2010


One of the interesting things people often say to me is that I'm difficult to buy for. To be fair they have a point since often I have no idea what I want for Christmas either. However sometimes something comes along that is just cool enough that I go: "I want this for Christmas."

Here it is. Courtesy of

Download the addictive game from the Apple App Store, play the slingshoting game for hours. Need a way to include your kids or significant other? Get them the officially licensed plush -- remember to not bring up its resemblance to other family members – then play the game some more. Suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve. ($24.95 -- Amazon)

 It's angry, its a bird, its a head and its plush. What is not to love.

TOMORROW: The Book Kev Wants To Read Over The Holidays.

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