Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Airline winter-weather cancellations are soaring again today, with at least 3,000 cancellations confirmed at airports in just three cities alone: New York City, Boston and Atlanta.
That figure -- almost certain to grow once other cities are lumped in -- pushes the three-day tally of weather-related cancellations to roughly 9,000, as reported by individual airports as of noon ET on Wednesday.

Initial estimates show that individual airports reported roughly 2,000 flights canceled Monday followed by another 4,000 on Tuesday. And, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine the cumulative three-day total topping 10,000 by the end of today, once more numbers come in.
Perhaps not surprisingly, New York City's airports are bearing some of the worst of today's cancellations.
The Associated Press writes "the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reported 675 canceled flights Wednesday morning at LaGuardia Airport. Kennedy Airport had 300 cancellations and Newark Liberty 440." The Wall Street Journal puts the count even higher, quoting the Port Authority as 1,718 flights had been canceled at the three airports.
 Then there is this tidbit...

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (AP) — Bradley International Airport remained open during the winter storm, but no passenger planes were coming in or going out. 
Airport spokesman John Wallace said several cargo flights were arriving Wednesday, but passenger airlines were not expecting to begin flying until much later in the day.
He said the airport normally has between 40 and 45 aircraft at the airport to start the day, but just a handful were there Wednesday morning.
Wallace said the airport planned intermittent closings during the morning, allowing plow crews to clear the main runway for cargo planes and any emergency flights.

One thing about Bradley International Airport is that no mater what mother nature throws at it the airport always remains open. 

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