Friday, March 25, 2011


Over on Big Hollywood John Nolte has an amazing post on how Big Hollywood formed.

I knew of Andrew and had only met him very briefly once before but that day we talked for over two hours and if I were smarter, anything close to charismatic, and capable of being a visionary, it would’ve been like talking to myself. By that time I had already been trying to sound the alarm about what was happening in Hollywood for nearly three years. Certainly there were people who appreciated it, but 5,000 hits a day does not a movement make. But here was this guy on the other end of the phone speaking about it with more passion and insight than I had ever heard before: This is about America. This is about a blacklist. This is about a diversity of opinion at the pop culture table. This is about my kids. This is about truth, justice, and the American way. Out of anyone else’s mouth this would’ve sounded corny as hell, but from Andrew it sounded like The Ramones had entered the building.
If you are interested in how the "Big" sites formed in the beginning: This is a must read post. If you are interested in how a major internet platform launches: This is a must read post. Did I say it was a must read post? No. Well its a must read post.

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