Friday, April 29, 2011


Yesterday I posted two articles that gave contradictory answers over the fate of Parts 2 & 3 for the Atlas Shrugged Trilogy. Well John Nolte of Big Hollywood saw the confusion and contacted the producers for clarification :

Here is a very brief excerpt.

Aglialoro then went on to state that he had been “misunderstood” when he said that the critical drubbing the film took “influenced him to abandon the second and third films in the Atlas Shrugged franchise.”  He confirmed that he has ”no intention to go on strike.”

That should come as very good news to the many, many people who obviously enjoyed the film and found it to be something special. Personally, I’ve never seen such polarized reviews before. The critics savaged it and yet everyone who sent a revew into us loved it. The most interesting thing I’ve noticed is that no one was on-the-fence about the film. No one said, “Yeah, it was okay.” People either passionately embraced Part 1 or passionately didn’t. You don’t see a lot of movies like that. So, for those of you who loved it…
Do read the whole thing to get the answer about part 2 & 3.

Speaking from personal experience I know exactly what its like to be "misunderstood" about a quote. But that is a whole different post.

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