Tuesday, April 19, 2011


                        Little Miss Attila at having fun at CPAC 2010 
I just received word that Bank of Kev Blogger Little Miss Attila has passed 1 million views. So how do you get 1 million views on your blog in 8 years? As she so descirbes it.

So, how, you ask, does one get a million hits in eight years? Well, you might start by getting mentioned in a blog post on how to get a million hits in one year, and build it up that way . . .
With gratitude to Insty, Prof. Volokh, James Joyner (who linked me early and often), Venomous Kate, Kelley in Georgia, all of the rest of the crew from 2003, Sarah Palin (for breathing some excitement into the 2008 election, and thereby propping up my numbers), Stacy and Smitty (thanks for the mammaries), Dan Riehl, Jeff and Darleen, Michelle Malkin, Iowahawk, Ace of Spades, Bruce McQuain, Dan Collins, Elizabeth, Moe Lane, and John Hawkins.
 There would not be a Bank of Kev or all the great things I sponsored at CPAC 2010-11 if it were not for Little Miss Attila. If you are not following her you should be.

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