Friday, May 6, 2011


The Bank of Kev Compound proudly uses DirecTV as its primary source of news and entertainment. So when I saw that  The Wrap was talking about how DirecTV has been growing despite a deep recession I thought I would share.

Most of those new subscribers are associated with DirecTV's Latin American business, but the company said it added 184,000 new customers in the U.S., and ended March with 19.4 million domestic customers -- holding its second-place position behind Comcast.
If you were a cable network and DirecTV paid you a mere five cents per subscriber (most established cable networks get paid via a carriage fee) you would be making roughly $975,000 USD per month. Not bad. On the flip side if you were kicked of DirecTV, thus losing its 19.5 million subscribers, you would be losing $975,000 USD per month.

That would be very bad.

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