Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Universal has scrapped plans to make "Ouija," a movie based on Hasbro's fortune-telling game board.
McG was set to direct the movie. Michael Bay, among others, was to produce.
By dropping the project -- part of a deal Universal made with Hasbro in 2008 -- the studio will have to pay the toymaker a $5 million fee, an individual familiar with the project told TheWrap.
The studio cited budget concerns. An individual close to the studio said that the budget -- described as "tentpole" -- is right for the film, but the film isn't right for Universal.
It's the second major Hasbro movie Universal has backed out of. Last year it ditched plans for a screen remake of the popular board game "Clue," a spokesperson for Universal told TheWrap.

This ties right into...
"The Dark Tower" has gone dark.
Universal's ambitious adaptation of Stephen King's fantasy series has been canceled, TheWrap has confirmed. 
The first film was slated to begin production this summer, but shooting was delayed last spring with the studio announcing that it needed to make the project more cost-effective.
In Hollywood projects are announced and canceled all the time. There can be many reasons for cancellations but they do happen to things that are announced. What often happens when these projects are canceled is that people move on to the next thing.

But you should file this information away for future reference. Just sayin.

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