Monday, January 9, 2012


Very devastating news for people who need to fly out of LA from today's from the LA Daily News.

American Airlines announced today that it will end its service at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank next month.
The airline, whose parent company AMR Corp., filed for bankruptcy in November, also announced plans to lay off about 150 people and shutter its service from Chicago to New Delhi.
"Our objective is to make our company competitive and more efficient in an increasingly challenging industry," according to an American Airlines statement. "We will continue to respond to operational and market changes, as we always have, and make adjustments to ensure we are competitive."
The airline will continue offering service at Los Angeles International Airport.

Bob Hope airport is often a great alternative to LAX since it is much more closer to the Bank of Kev Compound and is often less of a hassle as well. This reduction of service is going to be devastating since many flying VIA DFW like to depart arrive at Burbank rather than LAX.

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