Monday, April 2, 2012


The always awesome Meredith Dake has a post on today about how people are trying to troll their comments.

We are nearing the one month anniversary of's site relaunch, and it has been one wild ride! As you've noticed, there have been a few changes, including the third party we use to house our comment section.

Over the past month, we've monitored how our readers have responded to the new comment format, and how our new comment system has served our site and our vast readership. We've also monitored how the hordes of trolls manage the new system, and have been developing new safeguards based on a month of monitoring their behavior.

We appreciate your feedback and your patience in working with a new system over the past month. Hopefully, you will see the improvements that we are already seeing with our changes, and we will continue to monitor your feedback--as well as the IP addresses of trolls that try to flood our system.
Meredith goes into great detail on how some people are trolling then it magically appears on other websites.  The whole article is worth the read.

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