Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today , Citizens United Chairman David Bossie, discusses the importance of the distribution deal for his latest film "Occupy Unmasked" on Big Hollywood

It is because of the dedication of Andrew Breitbart, writer/director Stephen K. Bannon and others at who have been exposing the seedy underbelly of the Occupy Wall Street movement that we were able to take viewers into the Occupy camps around the country to see first-hand the truth of what is happening there.  Occupy Unmasked is a tribute to Andrew Breitbart’s legacy and now, because of this distribution deal, millions more will have access to this important film heading into November.
The support of people across the country who have shown an interest and pre-ordered the film helped us demonstrate a demand and secure this deal. Magnet Releasing co-owner Mark Cuban said, "We are releasing it because we believe there is an audience for it. We never release movies to support one side or another. We release movies because we believe they can be profitable."
Please continue to support this film by pre-ordering it, going to see it in theaters in September and ordering it on Video on Demand. 
 As I said before I have seen the full film and it is amazing well worth the trek to the theatre, VOD download or DVD pre-order.

If you been talking on how "Hollywod doesnt give you what you want to see" then let me say: the time for talk has ended and the time to get off your ass and go down to see this.Between the theatrical, VOD and DVD platforms there is no execuse not to see when it comes out in September.


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