Wednesday, August 8, 2012


On Monday the conservatvie movement was rocked by news that Citizens United / Victory Film Group's new documentary, "Occupy Unmasked" was picked up for distribution by Mark Cuban's Magnet Releasing. While many were happy for what David Bossie and Steve Bannon were able to accomplish there were a few in the movement that reacted negatively.

Being sick of naysayers personally I was happy to read this article on by Christan Toto. 

It's a chance for conservative audiences to support a film they can actually see without having to hop on a jet or travel for hours in their car. Video on Demand services are changing the way audiences access independent films, allowing folks in smaller towns the same chance to see cutting edge movies their big city peers enjoy.
Should "Occupy Unmasked" thrive, it will do more than give audiences a look at OWS they won't find in mainstream media outlets. It could crack open the door for like-minded filmmakers to finally make movies the country can see.
Folks, you win when you engage and connect mainstream audiences and the best way to do that is use current infrastructure. Bosie and Bannon have done their part by producing  and securing mainstream independent distribution for "Occupy Unmasked". Now the ball is in the court of those who have demanding such entertainment for them.

Having seen the entire completed film back in June I can say it is an amazing documentary on both a content and technical level. The direction, editing, music, sound design are all top notch and are on par with studio films. The film is also very moving in that it is one of the final times we will get to hear and see Andrew Breitbart at his best. (I must also point out that the documentary Hating Breitbart has yet to announce its distribution plans)

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard. Where will you be this fall when "Occupy Unmasked" is released?


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