Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Ralph Reed, yes that Ralph Reed, has gone on the record about the prospect of Las Vegas hosting the 2016 Republican Nation Convention. His comments were....

“If the RNC does select Las Vegas, they’ll probably sell out every show for Donny and Marie and Garth Brooks that week,” said Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. 
Mr. Reed said the city has plenty to offer outside of the seedier activities, and it already has the stamp of approval from some organizations who make a living out of defending family values. 
Las Vegas has entertainment and recreational offerings suitable for the entire family, and the Southern Baptist Convention and other faith-based organizations have held meetings there for decades,” he said. “So while we will not advocate for any city, we do not believe it is necessary to exclude Las Vegas from the cities to be considered based on a sound and comprehensive criteria.”
 Reed is correct that not only the faith based organizations like the Southern Baptist Convention, but other right-of-center events like Right Online have hosted conferences in Las Vegas and there were few if any problems. Reed is also correct that Las Vegas, along with its surrounding area, is loaded with lots of activities for all ages.
James Smack said his sales pitch is based on the idea that Las Vegas has enough hotel rooms within two miles of the two possible convention sites to accommodate the thousands that would converge on the city, and that there are plenty of things for delegates to do, ranging from the well-known entertainment venues on the Las Vegas Strip to the nearby attractions, such as Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam.
Oh by the way, the article contains this little tidbit.
Mr. Smack shrugged off the concerns about the city’s immoral side, saying that Las Vegas does not have a monopoly on bad behavior...
Very true. Any of the vices that would disqualify Las Vegas from hosting the RNC can be found within a 30 min car ride in other candidate host cities. One need only remember that in 1988 the Republican National Convention was held in New Orleans, a city well know for its wild party atmosphere.

While there is much I do not agree with Ralph Reed on I am happy to see him keep a open mind regarding the issue of site selection for the 2016 Republican National Convention. We cant keep running like its 1988 and we have to try new things.

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