Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well its election day and here is your link insanity for the day. 

Big Goverment will have Mike Flynn and Peter Schweizer along with featured contributor Dan Riehl offering full coverage. 

Big Journalism will have full coverage provided by John "Dirty Harry" Nolte of how the old media reacts.

UPDATE: Larry O'Connor of BrietbartTV has tweeted that "Comprehensive LIVE election coverage on Breitbart.tv begins at 6PM ET!

Brietbart.TV will have streams of CNN, PBS, MSNBC and the Hugh Hewitt in studio camera. 

Real Clear Politics will have direct links to all the results from the local Secretary's of States as they come in.

As for me I will be at an A-List Election Night party in a private home with some friends and top movers and shakers. If the internet access hold up I might post some photos and thoughts. 

I can say the question is not how many seats will the Democrats lose, rather the question is how many souls will the Demonsheep take this evening.
                                     The Demonsheep will take your piggy bank and harvest your soul.

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