Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well election 2010 is one for the history books. Here is your must go to links of the day via Big Government and Big Journalism.

1. GOP takes the House, but fall short in Senate

2. Emotional Boehner Breaks Down During Speech

3. Exit poll: Ailing economy, tea party fuel GOP

4. Colorado Senate race could drag on for weeks

5. Returns Show Write-Ins in Lead in Alaska, Murkowski Likely to Win

6. Obama's Senate Seat Falls to GOP's Kirk

7. Kasich beats Strickland in Ohio governor's race

8. Dem Blanche Lincoln Defeated

9. GOP's Toomey beats Sestak for Specter's Pa. Senate seat

10. Republican topples Feingold in Wisconsin

11. All three of Palin's 'Mama Grizzlies' win gubernatorial races

12. Tea party-backed Haley SC's 1st woman governor

13. Democrat Manchin wins key West Virginia Senate

14. Dem Blumenthal ekes out win in Connecticut Senate race

15. Meet Allen West: Florida’s Newest Congressman

16. Redistricting big prize for GOP

19. The Day After The Political Tsunami-What's Next?

20. Exclusive: Michele Bachmann to Run for GOP Leadership

21. Midterm elections won't effect Mid East policies

22. Obama loses midterms because he doesn't share America's core values

23. UK Guardian: Obama must now co-opt Republicans

24. UK Independent: Midterm elections sign 'Americans are impatient'

25. China: Midterms will lead Obama to follow Clinton's path

26. Gaffney: National Security and the New Congress

27. Army Times: Democrats with military ties lost, too

28. Results Are In And Many Agree: Fox News Offered More Balanced Election Coverage Than MSNBC

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