Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The response has to yesterday article on CPAC has been so amazing I decided to give you more photos to look at.

Tony Katz (right) interviews Students For Liberty Founder Alexander McCobin while producer Holly Bacon looks on.

Breitbart.TV Editor-In-Chief, Larry O'Connor (right) interviews the Founder of GayPatriot.org, Bruce Carroll (center) while Producer Meredith Dake (left) looks on.

Blogger Jenny Erickson (center) speaks with Breitbart.TV Editor-In-Chief Larry O'Connor on the Stage Right Show on Wednesday night. (Producer Meredith Dake is on the left)

Former Speaker of The House Newt Gingrich talks with Breitbart.TV Editor-In-Chief Larry O'Connor in the CPAC bloggers lounge.

                  Bruce Caroll, Cynthia Yockey, Joy McCann, John Cicorone at the GOProud party.

               Jimmy LaSalvia and Chirs Barron speak to the packed room at the GOProud Party. 

                              Andrew Ian Dodge is interviewed after his panel about his Senate run. 

                    An attendee talks with the bloggers at the Bank of Kev Blogger Free-For-All! 

                                         Crowds, crowds everywhere there is crowds at CPAC. 
                            Congressman Alan West speaks to the bloggers on CPAC bloggers row.
                                The crowd in the Marriott Wardman Park lobby after CPAC ended.

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