Thursday, March 8, 2012


From The Hollywood Reporter

He died March 1, but we haven’t heard the last from Andrew Breitbart, because the conservative rabble-rouser is set to star in two documentary movies, both of which are in post-production and will no doubt get some measure of theatrical distribution. He’ll also make his acting debut in the second episode of Courage: New Hampshire, a show that streams online where he plays a pre-Revolutionary War sheriff.
It’s the films, though, that will garner the most attention, because in them he’ll be playing his most compelling role: himself -- an unapologetic and unorthodox crusader for right-wing causes who is impossible to ignore, even for those who despised him.
The filmmakers of both movies are vague about their distribution and marketing plans, no doubt mindful that their efforts could be perceived as callous attempts to profit from tragedy. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict which movie will hit screens first.
The first one conceived, though, is called Hating Breitbart, which began two-and-a-half years ago when a camera crew started shadowing their subject at events like Tea Party rallies, where he’d whip like-minded activists into a frenzy with his fiery oratory, as well as Occupy Wall Street protests, where he’d elicit – appropriately, given the title of the film – tremendously hateful responses to his mere presence.
The second film, in fact, is an expose’ of that left-wing movement called Occupy Unmasked from Stephen Bannon, who was behind the pro-Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated.
Here is the trailer for Hating Breitbart 

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