Thursday, March 8, 2012


Big Government has a report from the memorial services for Andrew Breitbart that took place on Tuesday. 

The Tuesday afternoon service lasted about two hours from 1-3 p.m. PST.
The family held a reception afterwards at a Brentwood hotel on Sunset Boulevard where guests were invited to take a stage and tell personal stories about experiences they had shared with Breitbart.

“It was a testament to the way Andrew lived his life,” said Blackhawk Down actor Matthew Marsden. “When everyone at his funeral were not only united in grief, but also united in friendship--even those who had just met. What impressed me most was that people spoke the least about his political activism, but more about his loyalty as a friend and his dedication to being a loving father and husband,” he said.
Breitbart’s closest neighbor Michael Silver summarized his personality as a defender of the weak:
He was fond of saying “I love to be hated” in his “Bring It On” style. But truth is he didn’t love to be hated. He loved absorbing hate, so others didn’t have to. What he loved was protecting people. “You want to hate someone, go ahead hate me”. He knew he was stronger than the many he sought to defend and he made it his mission in life to shield them. And for that they loved him.
Breitbart’s business partner Laurence Solov, who abandoned a 13-year career as a civil litigation attorney to work with Breitbart said:
People always think Andrew's impact in this world, which everyone here is a testament to was something of an improbability. And later in life, people would ask me if I was surprised how he turned out, and my answer is really simple: well, yes. But truth be told, knowing him as I did, it makes ALL the sense in the world to me. It was there from the get go. But Andrew was fearless as long as I can remember, and so strong, and smart, and frankly, from day one, obsessed with right and wrong, what was fair and not fair, but always compassionate and caring and there was never a more fiercely loyal friend.

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