Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FIRING AT ANDREW BREITBART WHEN HE CANT FIRE BACK Editor-In-Chief Joel Pollak has a column about the hate from the "conservatives" in yesterdays Washington Times

Take Ross Douthat, the resident conservative at the New York Times. Mr. Douthat famously earned his bachelor’s degree at Harvard - and he seems to think he went to Harvard Medical School. Last week, Mr. Douthat determined the cause of Andrew’s untimely death as “furious partisanship.” Those who knew him know that Andrew never put party above principle, and never put politics above people. Not so for Mr. Douthat.
In typical condescending fashion, Mr. Douthat contrasted Breitbart with the intellectual James Q. Wilson, who died the same week - as if the two were opposed, as if a robust conservatism was hostile to great ideas. Mr. Douthat’s prescription for the rest of us, evidently, is that it is unhealthy to resist the left’s ceaseless power grabs, so we may as well capitulate to big government, in the hope that we will be its wiser masters one day.
Then there was David Frum, who ought to return his law degree to Harvard after writing in the Daily Beast about Andrew’s “defamation of Shirley Sherrod.” Carefully couching his condemnations in the caveat that “it is wrong to see Breitbart as racially motivated,” Mr. Frum nevertheless slandered Breitbart as a racist who used hatred and “racially coded” politics to attack President Obama, whom he claimed Breitbart hated personally.
Andrew never hated Mr. Obama. He feared what the president is doing to the country. The only people Andrew Breitbart genuinely hated were journalists in the mainstream media who routinely trashed ordinary Americans using lies crafted and coordinated by the left to distract from Mr. Obama’s corruption and failure. Mr. Frum, for example, described Pigford, a multibillion-dollar scandal at the Department of Agriculture, as “back payments to black farmers,” obscuring the massive fraud that Andrew exposed.
Go read the whole thing.

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