Monday, March 12, 2012

A REPORT FROM YESTERDAYS DJBREITBART PROJECT has a quick writeup from yesterday's #DJBreitbart Project.

Yesterday, 24 of the late Andrew Breitbart’s friends publicly paid their respects with something called #DJBreitbart: an hour each spent tweeting out videos in his memory. Breitbart himself spent the occasional Friday night on Twitter posting some of his favorite songs — heavy on the British ’80s, though his tastes extended to ’90s acts now lost to time. Yesterday’s selections, curated by the likes of Kurt Loder and Thaddeus McCotter, ran from The Tubes to The The to The Stranglers.
More than a few songs, like Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” were chosen because they echoed Breitbart’s outsider ethos and DIY ethic. “Andrew was a punk rock Republican,” said Kurt Schlichter, “who never slowed down.”
You can find out more about the #DJBreitbart Project here.  

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