Thursday, March 22, 2012

SLATE.COM ARTICLE ON THE NEW BREITBART.COM TEAM's Dave Weigel has posted an article on the future of and a look at some of the people who now are running it. Here is the first excerpt .
After the funeral, on March 6, Andrew Breitbart’s successors drove back to the office. world headquarters sits in an unincorporated part of Los Angeles. (It’s not really part of any city. This is a selling point.) Ten of the website’s editors filed out to the alley. They arranged themselves side by side in their best Reservoir Dogs poses. Click. Dana Loesch, the Tea Partier, CNN contributor, and editor of Breitbart’s Big Journalism vertical, stood in the middle of the frame. She put the picture up on Instagram. The caption was a Twitter hashtag: #war.

“We took that picture to say, ‘Hey! We’re still here,’ ” said Mike Flynn, the editor of Breibart’s Big Government vertical, when I talked to him this week. “We’re going to carry out Andrew’s vision.”
Weigel then talks with the new Chairman Steve Bannon. 
The idea is to keep doing Breitbart-style work, split between a team of previously more-obscure apostles. Steve Bannon directed the Sarah Palin-friendly documentary The Undefeated and collaborated with Breitbart on a documentary about the 99 Percent movement titled Occupy Exposed. He’s taken over Breitbart News Network, LLC as executive chairman; Solov has taken over as CEO.
“It was the investors’ call,” explained Bannon, talking to friends after the D.C. memorial service. (The day Breitbart died, Bannon was meeting with investors in New York.) Obviously, the chairman and CEO jobs had to be split, because Breitbart wasn’t replaceable. “He was a combination of Falstaff and Marshall McLuhan. A larger-than-life guy who understood the media. You can’t replace that. In combat, you learn that most of the best guys are going to die first. They’re going to run toward the gunfire. Those guys are leaders. The key is making the unit bind together after that, and push forward.”
I've only quoted these two excerpts to allow you to get a taste of a must read article. 

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